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Information Roundup: Being a wealthy Republican is gravy; Biden needs path to citizenship; COVID-19 is dangerous


Nonetheless pays to be super-rich, irrespective of how a lot you crime.

Within the information right now: Senate Republicans actually, actually do not suppose anybody who can afford to pay legal professionals and accountants to assist them keep away from paying taxes should not must pay taxes and individuals who cannot afford to pay them are having a tougher and tougher time affording a house. Being a fats cat can prevent from justice even once you’re considered one of Trump’s greatest corrupt grifters. Sen. Ted Cruz stays a racist asshole. President Biden needs immigration reform to occur within the huge infrastructure package deal, however nonetheless must cope with the courts threatening Dreamers. Trans People are combating for his or her rights in supposedly freedom-loving Montana. The pandemic of the unvaccinated is creating the fourth wave within the COVID-19 disaster.

This is a few of what you might have missed:

 Rent is out of reach for minimum-wage workers in every state. New study shows how far out of reach

 It’s official: Republicans prioritize fat-cat tax cheaters over, well, everyone else

 Biden calls for permanent relief, including through reconciliation, after judge rules against DACA

 Trans folks sue for basic privacy and dignity after state changes birth certificate law

 Ted Cruz tried to blame undocumented immigrants for COVID-19 cases. Guess what happened next

 Garland’s Justice Department finds Wilbur Ross lied to Congress … but won’t prosecute

 A new deadly surge: COVID-19 infections soaring to crisis levels in regions of low vaccination

Group Highlight:

 Taking the Texas Voter Rights Fight to the Doors (w/ TX Dem Leg staff!)

Additionally trending from the group:

 Congressman: “Donald Trump is a very dumb man. He could not have done this on his own.” EXACTLY!

 Branson, MO Has Lost A Long-Time Entertainer To Covid. There Are Other Performers In Hospital.